The premise of One Dollar College is to unify the people of our nation with one common goal, have the community uplift our youth in their pursuit of a higher education, and promote giving as a lifestyle.
— Tip Jones, Founder of One Dollar College Foundation

About Our Founder

During the Spring of 1986, 7-year old Tip Jones was asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” With a quick breath and no further hesitation, Tip replied, “I want to be an obstetrician like Dr. Huxtable and an entertainment lawyer and I want my own practice.” The 3rd grade teacher peered at her student with an apologetic look and said, “Aw, that’s cute.” Unsure how to interpret the seemingly sarcastic reply, Tip shook it off and plowed forward with the belief that she could be anything and own anything she wanted.

Since the tender age of 13, Tip has created and/or managed over a dozen companies. Although she never became that lawyer or doctor, she focused solely on the ownership portion of her dream. Once she learned the word “entrepreneur” she knew that was her: a person who takes risks!

…and that she is.

She isn’t without her own fears but she simply won’t let them cripple her faith in what she knows she was meant to do: build a legacy for her grandchildren’s grandchildren.

From Then to Now

From her first venture (all those years ago) as a dance school owner in New York City in 1992 to her mobile natural hair care business she started in college to her co-ownership of an upcycled plus size denim brand (when it seemed no one cared about recycling, upcycling, or deconstructing denim) to her “for women only” business coaching to launching POSE Magazine to creating Confidence University to self-publishing her book, “Get on the 7 Streams Team: How to Discover Your Multiple Streams of Income to her discovery of a simple way to thwart student loan debt and send scholars to college on full-ride scholarships through One Dollar College...Tip has kept her eyes on her proverbial prize: entrepreneurial success!

Failure is a Tough-Love Teacher

With countless missteps and failures, she has attained success through persistence and consistency. She tries things, lots of things. She births ideas constantly and she pulls the trigger on most of them at least once. Why? Because she’ll never know if it was a good one until she transforms the idea into something she can touch. Events, services, products: some think and dream and think some more. Tip thinks, dreams, plans, executes, and then reworks. 

Becoming a Thought-Leader

Over the years, Tip has become a go-to resource and coach for aspiring female entrepreneurs seeking to learn from the mistakes of others, make wise decisions, and learn how to manage it all. Tip is perfect for the job! She understands the struggle behind building something from scratch: the investment of cash and sweat. She gets it when aspiring female entrepreneurs say, “I just don’t know where to start. I have so many ideas!” It’s for that reason, she set her sights on structuring her very own house of brands, Tip Jones Global, LLC., instead of only doing one. For Tip, that would be like choosing which baby she would keep and which she would give up. It wasn’t gonna happen!

Her Legacy (In Progress)

Tip is a wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, friend, avid learner, creator, life-pilot and mind-builder. She is just as busy as most women you know and plans to remain that way as long as she can think and move. If she isn’t reading or writing about her next entrepreneurial shift, she is actively taking action on that plan. 

I refuse to leave my family with only money and the memory of a “great starter.” I intend to leave a legacy of a confident, learned finisher.
— Tip Jones