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Founded in 2009 by Tip Jones, One Dollar College Foundation seeks to eliminate student loan debt by sending gifted high school students to colleges and universities on full-ride scholarships garnered by nationwide, individual donations of just one dollar.

ODC intends to decrease financial stress on families, thwart student loan debt, and encourage the art of philanthropy through the scholarship opportunity.  

Student loan debt is increasing because government grants and support for postsecondary education have failed to keep pace with increases in college costs. This has shifted much of the burden of paying for college from the federal and state governments to families. The government no longer carries its fair share of college costs, even though it gets a big increase in income tax revenue from college graduates.
— Time Magazine

At One Dollar College, we envision a nation where each young adult has the opportunity to pursue higher learning without debt.



We believe talented students with financial challenges should not have to begin young adulthood thousand of dollars in debt.

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With just $1, you can provide young men and women with a debt-free education.

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